Mary Heart's Correctional School


"Hey, kid. You got a visitor." You look up from your bench, and through the bars is a woman. She's blonde, with a curvy figure and black glasses. She's gorgeous in that "I'm-not-nice" way.

"Hello," She says, staring at you. You cock an eyebrow.

"What do you want?" You ask, standing up and stepping closer.

"Oh, all I want is you." She smiles, leaning closer to the bars.

You frown, "What do you want me to do?"

She smirks, "I believe the question is what can I do for you." She says. You cross your arms. "I'm here to invite you to a school..."


Welcome to the School for Delinquents. Please, step into my office. You've done horrible things, you say? Graffitti and stealing? Oh, we have just your type right in here. You're not sure you belong in school, you say? Oh, I'm sure it'll be to your enjoyment. It's just like jail, is it not? And you seem to enjoy it there! Step on in, please please, sit on down. My name is Professor Quill, and I am the Head Teacher here. Oh, please, do not fear! All the teachers here were once students. We're hardened criminals who took a turn for the better. We're here to teach those who are considered unteachable. Yes, just like you! Don't worry about fitting in, I'm sure the kids here have gangs. You'll fit right in. You think I'm stupid, you say? Huh. Well, we'll just see who the stupid one is...

Welcome to the Site!

Welcome! I'm Anna, and along with my buddy Bella, we've decided to create a human RP site. This idea is completely our own, original, and not up for grabs <33 Anyhow, this is a site based on the fictional school Mary Heart's Correctional School where you have the chance to be your very own delinquent! The school overlooks the city, and is fenced in by ten foot electrical fencing--there is no escape but Graduation. Will your delinquent survive the school and earn freedom, or return to prison from where they came and live their sentence? It's up to you...

- Anna

Rules and Information

School Rules

1. You are here on "parol". We can send you back to jail with a flick of our wrists.

2. You will do what teachers ask of you. If you disobey a teacher, you may be locked in Detention.

3. You will refer to a teacher as "Professor", and you will never call them by their first name.

4. You will work hard to Graduate.

5. Fight by your own discresion.

6. The Nurse is permitted to deny a student help.

7. Students must be in their dorms by nine on week nights, ten thirty on weekend nights.

8. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on school grounds.

9. Please refrain from PDA.

10. Talking in the halls is not permitted.

11. All students must wear their tags stating their Rank. Any student not wearing a tag will be punished.

Site Rules

1. No spamming. Please only advertise on the advertising page.
2. No godmodding. No mary sues.

3. Sex is allowed, but you may not describe it in RP. You may describe all romantical interraction up to making out.

4. Each member is allowed to have as many characters as the please, but they must roleplay every character at least once a week, once every two weeks if they're busy/spotty. If this becomes a problem, Bella or I will put a limit on your character amount.

5. Anime pictures are not permitted.

6. A member cannot have two teachers. Only one. And when all the teacher slots are taken, there will be no more.

7. No chatting in RP boxes.

8. Do not ask to be an admin. Bella and I will choose admins if we see the need to do so.

9. All character changes are to be posted on the "Udates" section of the "Join Us" page.

10. It is preferred that you use correct grammar and spelling. If you're having trouble RPing correctly, come to Bella or I and we will try to help you.

11. Please do not take a situation that you think is out of control in your own hands. If you think an RP is getting out of hand (too graphic, etc.) please let the administrators know. Do not try to be the boss of the site.

12. The site is not responsible for your age on the site. If you aren't allowed on sites where there is cussing and some graphic posts, then don't be on the site. We will not take responsiblity for any trouble you get in.

13. Cussing in RP is permitted. Please /try/ to keep it at a minimum, but as the situation of the site calls, it is understandable. Cussing outside of RP will not be tolerated. Bella and I prefer the "A-Word" and the "F-Word" are used in RP rare to not at all; if for some reason you don't know what 'Words' we're referring to, do not ask.

14. We are allowing same-sex relationships. If you don't like it, don't join.

15. There will be utterly no pregnancies whatsoever; this includes attempting, failed, stillborns, and fullborns. All the students here are magically sterilized for their stay.

Class Information

There are classes in this school! If you wish to actually have your characters attend school, the members who own the teachers will post a date over the box of their class. Classes are not mandatory, but on this date at this time is when their class will be happening. It is not unordinary for teachers to never schedule a class unless upon request of other members. It is also not unordinary for random classes to happen if needed in RP (as in a few members ask a member who owns a teacher for an emergency Class for an RP, then it is upon the teacher owner's discression to say yes or no).  


Has taken a whole new turn! This school's Detention is a set of three isolated cells where offending students are placed with no light, no food, and no water for two whole days (or 48 hours; and this is literal---if you get your character put in Detention, then you must keep them there for 48 hours, where you can find a member who owns the Nurse/a Teacher to release him/her). Your character will not be put in Detention against your will, but it is for students who A) Disrespect a teacher/Nurse, B) kill someone in school (and is found out), C) fight. // You will be asked before your character is put in Detention, or you can request it.


Home: Intro, Rules, Extra Info

Join Us: Where you create your delinquent or teacher and update your characters.

Characters: A page that lists all of the delinquents, teachers, and the Nurse.

School: A page where you can RP in class (when scheduled or with teacher permission), in the halls, the nurse's office, or the cafeteria!

Dorms: Where you can RP in either the Girls' Dorm or the Boys' Dorm; in the rooms, the halls, the commons, or the bathrooms!

Outside: Where you can RP at the lake for swimming, the park for some fun, the graveyard, playground, courts (basketball and tennis)

Advertising: The ONLY place where you can advertise your site!

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